Kristen McKee

kristen mckee1

Kristen has been dedicated to practicing yoga & meditation since 1999 & has been formally teaching since 2008. She is a certified yoga instructor who has over 1000 hours of formal comprehensive study on the relationship between ancient spiritual principles & Modern Psychology & the integration & application of them in today’s world. In addition to this, she has completed a master’s degree in social work at NYU.  Kristen has done several silent, solitary retreats to enhance her knowledge of ancient yogic scriptures while internalizing & experiencing the benefits of the practices they offer. She has a firsthand experience of the deeply transformative benefits yoga & meditation can have on the body, heart, & mind.

Kristen teaches a strong vinyasa class that is theme-based, tailored to the needs of individual students, & encourages students to enhance their personal practice by empowering themselves from within. Her yoga & meditation classes focus on the integration of physical, psychological, & spiritual growth. As a teacher, her goal is to inspire others while providing them with the opportunity to empower themselves in a safe environment. She wants to help people change their world by encouraging them to recognize the potential of their own hearts & minds. Kristen has infinite gratitude for her close teachers & experiences that continue to transform her life & revolutionize her world. She is passionate about her practice & the integration of the healing modalities she utilizes & strives to bring those benefits to others.