Maria Cutrona

Maria Cutrona is deeply honored to be a graduate of Kelly Morris Conquering Lion Yoga Teacher Training Program. This unprecedented training has illuminated for her the true purpose and power of yoga; to help transform our selves and our world completely. She is profoundly grateful to her teachers for inspiring her practice in the service to others; most notably Lama Kelly Morris, Lady Ruth Laurer Mannetti, Barbara Verrochi, Kristin Leigh, and Rima Rabbath. Maria humbly bows down in gratitude to the Holy Beings who have graciously shared their wisdom and opened her eyes to the path of ultimate transformation and liberation: Geshe Michael Roach, Lama Christie McNally,Lama Sumati Marut, Lama Mercedes Bahleda,Lama Kimberly Theresa, Lama John Brady, Kristina Pao Cheng, John Stilwell, Will Duncan and Amma.