Pricing & Classes

Yoga was designed to be practiced with regularity. We invite you to practice three times a week or more, to see for yourself how this can positively impact all aspects of your life. In fact, we’ll meet you halfway.



Introductory Deal ~ $30 for 3 classes (1-month expiration)
That’s $10 a class…. now that’s a deal. Check out our offerings and our wonderful teaching staff.

Monthly Unlimited ~ $129 per month, unlimited practice
We make this easy. Sign up anytime, no fees, no freezes, no commitments. Do the math! If you practice 3x a week, that’s less than $10 per class.

Drop-in ~ $18

Express Class Drop-in ~ $14    (Express Class 5 class card $60, 2 month expiration)

5 Classes ~ $85 (2-month expiration)

10 Classes ~ $160 (3-month expiration)
Mat Rental ~ $2

Towel Rental ~ Free 

For Ashtanga Membership and Pricing  (Seperate program) click  here. 

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Suitable for beginners as well as the experienced in search of a tune-up.

Yoga is so much more than just another workout, and this class will show you why. As you learn how to stretch, strengthen, and breathe properly so that your body can be at ease, you will cultivate the ability to meditate, and learn about the complete philosophy of yoga. The goal? To experience a comprehensive spiritual practice that will spill over into your whole life, making everything you do infinitely more enjoyable.


Suitable for somewhat experienced practitioners who are ready for vigorous practice.

Open level classes are for just about everyone with a fair amount of experience with yoga, all the way up to the advanced practitioner. Expect a vigorous vinyasa flow with intelligent alignment instruction and options to take the poses deeper or ease back, depending on your skill level. Your body, your breath, your practice: you know it better than anyone. Get into it.

Intermediate/Advanced (Int/Adv)

Suitable for intermediate to advanced students who know when to hold back, and when to go for it.

Int/Adv classes offer a highly vigorous and challenging practice to seasoned practitioners who are ready for deep physical and mental exploration. Sweaty vinyasas, teachers dripping with liberating insight, meditation, pranayama, chanting, and beyond. Expect all of the elements of an Open class, and expect the unexpected.

Express (Open level, 65 minutes)

Transform your busy day at light speed! These Open level classes offer a vigorous practice that is modifiable to meet your skill level. Express Classes are a steal at just $12, but you are welcome to use the classes stored on your account or Monthly Unlimited.

Restorative (Open level, 75 minutes)

Restorative yoga is a healing, intentional body/mind relaxation practice. When supported in yogic postures with props, the body relaxes and opens, releasing tension and stored-up toxins that can cause illness. Restorative poses offer benefits for conditions ranging from insomnia and asthma to chronic pain, migraines, depression, and more.

Ashtanga ~ Led Class (Intermediate /Advanced)

These classes are for students and teachers interested in deepening their understanding and practice of yoga. For those considering a Mysore practice, the led classes are also a wonderful introduction into the Ashtanga yoga system. Students will be guided through Yoga Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy) to the rhythm of the vinyasas counted in Sanskrit. This primary series of Ashtanga yoga is taught in the traditional method of Mysore, India by Shri K. Pattabhi Jois. There are no classes on new or full moons (moon days).


It is said that meditation does from the inside what yoga does from the outside. Both our meditation classes, Dharmapunx Williamsburg Meditation (Sundays at 6pm) and The Mindfulness Sessions (Saturdays at 4pm), offer accessible Buddhist meditation instruction that is suitable for all levels of practitioners. These classes are 90 minutes and include guided meditation, lecture, and group discussion on topics relevant to incorporating the principles of meditation into everyday life. No experience with meditation is necessary!