Tapas Master Class with Ruth Lauer-Manenti

Tapas Master Class with Ruth Lauer-Manenti


Sunday, May 10th | 2-4:30 PM
$35 pre-register, $40 at door

Workshop with Jivamukti Senior Teacher:

  • Focus: Tapas: the hard and voluntary work of the spiritual aspirant.
  • Slow and challenging vinyasa class with breath awareness, alignment, and philosophy.
  • Open to all levels.

Ruth Lauer-Manenti, affectionately known as “Lady Ruth” by many of her students at Jivamukti, began practicing yoga in 1989 as a way to heal from a bad car accident. Since then, her keen observation of everyday beauty and blend of spirit and movement has made her one of the most respected teachers in the world. Ruth’s growth as a teacher has also come about through the exchange that she has had with her students who are the best teachers a teacher could hope for. As a teacher, she hopes to be a link on the chain of all teachers who have inspired all students to be kind.

Ruth is also an artist. She has taught painting and printmaking at Yale and at Dartmouth College.

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